The Earthquake Information Center is managed by the C-PRIM, an association dedicated to raising awareness about major risks (avalanches, landslides, flooding...) in the mountain areas. It is open from Tuesday to Friday (as well as the first and third Saturday of the month) from 9:30 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 18:00.



In accordance with an agreement signed with the municipality of Lourdes and the French State, the association Centre Pyrénéen des Risques Majeurs (C-PRIM) is in charge of the scientific animation and awareness-raising activities of the Earthquake Information Center (Maison de la connaissance du risque sismique), located in Lourdes, in front of the Funicular of the Pic du Jer.




The seismic risks result from the hazard (the eventuality of an earthquake) and from the vulnerability of structures and population. As earthquakes are immutable, we have to reduce our vulnerability in order to mitigate the risk. The Earthquake Information Center was created in a high seismic activity region in the Pyrenees, with the aim of giving a better understanding of this natural phenomenon and raising awareness about seismic risk.


During the visit, you will be able to:

- Discover the origin, localization and manifestation of earthquakes ;

- Understand, through recreational educative models, the impact of earthquakes on the structures ;

- Find solutions to mitigate these effects and strengthen the buildings so they become less vulnerable to quakes ;

- Observe a functioning sismometer and understand how and why the earthquakes are recorded ;

- Thanks to the seismic simulator and the virtual reality, feel six earthquakes that happened in France and around the world.

Prepare your visit

You can visit the Earthquake Information Center from Tuesday to Friday (as well as the first and third Saturday of the month) from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 18:00. The address is 59 avenue Francis Lagardère 65100 Lourdes (follow the signs "Maison de la sismicité" or "Funiculaire"). The facilities are accessible in wheelchair. Pets are allowed held in arms.


You can visit by yourself or book a guided visit. Specific activities are offered to children. The explanatory panels are mostly in French and partly in English/Spanish/Italian. If you don't read French at all, it might be better to book a guided visit in English or Spanish.


The guided visits should be booked in advance for individuals or groups (up to 15 persons). These tours, guided by a scientific mediator, are meant for all audiences and available in French, English or Spanish.


See also the Lourdes Tourist Information Center.

Cost of the guided visits

The admission to the Earthquake Information Center is free of charge for autonomous visits.

The fee of the guided tours are as follows:

- Basic fee: 5 € per person (free for children under 6).

- Family discount: 15 € for 5 persons including at least 1 child.

- Workshop for children (up to four 6-12 years old children): 10 €.

- School discount: 50 € per class.

- Associations: 100 € (up to 30 persons).


Payments can be made by wire transfer, check or cash. For groups, feel free to contact us per e-mail ( or phone (+33 5-62-34-25-83 or +33 6-40-07-78-19) to receive a cost estimation.


The Earthquake Information Center was created thanks to European funds as well as the input and support of several scientific institutions :

How to find us

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